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Fences 1.0.1

Fences Editor's Review

Everyone that works with the desktop interface has stumbled at some point on managing his shortcuts mainly because of their increasing number. A full desktop forces you to remember any icon's position and its related shortcut, therefore you will reach your highest point of frustration immediately. Fortunately there is a cure for your frustration for free and it is called Fences. This small application represents the best solution for any crowded desktop.

The idea behind Fences is simple and extremely useful. The application gives you the opportunity to organize your desktop icons into distinct windows which can be created manually or automatically. Each window can be labeled so that you know its content and keep track of it in a logical manner. You can group your videos, documents, programs or whatever other files by drag and drop them into any window container anywhere on the desktop. You can create an unlimited number of window containers and resize them as you wish to fit anywhere on the desktop.

For a higher control, the application can also take a snapshot of your actual desktop arrangement so that you can use it again in the future. The color scheme can be also changed so that every window container should suite the background color. Interesting is that Fences remembers the size of each window based on the actual resolution of your desktop. In case you will change it, the windows will be resized to keep the original proportions. The application also offers a couple of default lay-outs that include a generic arrangement of all types of shortcuts. In this way you don't have to create an arrangement on your own in case you don't want to.

A smart and useful feature can hide all your containers instantly. You just have to double click anywhere on the desktop and the content goes away. In order to recover them, double click again and the containers will be placed again on the desktop exactly where they were. Because it features no interface, the application uses the Windows GUI. The result is a very natural approach of usability that doesn't force the user to learn something new in order to manipulate it.

Pluses: free, instant hide/show of your dektop icons, customizable containers;


In conclusion: Fences brings a smart concept offering additional control of your desktop in a natural way.

version reviewed: 1.01

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